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The work of the vine


Cutting (from November to March)

The cutting of the vine consists in cutting the vine woods (vine shoots) to leave only 8 buds on 2 to 3 woods that will give the future harvest. It is a manual work now assisted by electric pruning shears.

The vine must be pruned severely to avoid it depleting its reserves by feeding too many shoots. To do this, we count the buds (or eyes).

The type of pruning can vary from one vineyard to another.

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Wedging and folding (March, April)

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The wedging and folding consists in attaching the vine plants (vines) to the wire and bending the wood carrying the producing buds on the wire.

Soil tillage

The ploughing of the soil allows a better penetration of water. It is also important to eliminate superficial roots exposed to drought or rain in order to favour deep roots that fully benefit from the terroir.

At the end of autumn, the vine stock is mowed (the soil is brought back around the vine stock to protect it from the cold).

In the spring, we start, which allows us to remove weeds.

Stemming, disbudding (May)

The epamprage consists in removing superfluous and non-productive branches at the time of the shoot to ensure that the grapes are aerated and fed as much as possible.

Flowering of the vine (May, June)

The vine flowers in May June, no special action is required.

Lifting or hanging (June, July)

Lifting consists in attaching the vine branches to wires throughout their growth so that they grow straight and allow as much light as possible to pass through to the grapes.

Skimming and cutting (June, July, August)

Trimming is the operation that limits the growth of the vine to promote the maturity of the grapes.

Leaf thinning (end of July)

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Leaf thinning consists in removing the leaves that cover the grapes in order to improve maturity.

Thinning or green harvesting (early August)

Thinning consists in removing unnecessary or too many clusters so that the remaining ones are better and better fed.

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Harvest (September, early October)

About 100 days after flowering

Processing and amendments

Working the vineyard organically, phytosanitary treatments are applied to the vine. The essential treatments are those against mildew and powdery mildew, two foliage diseases against which a copper sulphate (CuSO4) solution is sprayed on the leaves.


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